I never quite know what to write here…
As with anyone else there are aspects to my personality that present themselves at different times. I guess I’m like a quilt, lots of different bits put together to make something that’s useful.
I’m a mother, a wife, an animal caretaker, an activist, a fanfiction writer, a recovering alcoholic, and I love to take pictures of clouds and landscapes.
I’m a pagan and I love working with herbs and candles. I love the feel of soil and an egg that’s just about to hatch.
I have a daughter that due to circumstances I barely know, an older son who was my second chance, and a younger son who was the answer to a prayer.
My younger son has Asperger’s Syndrome, and a lot of what I write has to do with him.
Sometimes it’s hysterically funny, other times it’s frustrating as all hell.



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