Just Because You Wrote a Parenting Book, it Doesn’t Mean Your Kid’s Not a Dick…

It must be nice to have this parenting thing all figured out.
It must be nice that your breast feeding/baby wearing/co-sleeping/baby massage has proven itself so successful…
Especially when all your kids are under ten and thus far none of them have given any indication that they’re on the spectrum.
I’m sure you’re super pleased that they’re all perfect little angels because they TRUST you…
Must be nice that that’s all it takes.
Shit, if I was as perfect a parent as you I’d write a bunch of books too so that others can see how darn easy it is to be so freaking perfect….
Oops, even with breast feeding/baby wearing/co sleeping/baby massage your baby still screams for no apparent reason.
Until you have no choice BUT to confine your child against his will (in a stroller, or holding his hand) because even offering to run together has him darting all over and hiding, or scaring the living shit out of you because he takes off and doesn’t respond when you call because he’s fascinated by whatever the hell he’s looking at.
Or if your child doesn’t want to be touched and therefore any massage you try to do makes him shriek.
Or if you’re trying to help your older (over 10) child learn a  particularly difficult concept and your younger one wants to play/run/etc NOW, and no amount of “trust” or “just a minute sweetheart”s is going to do.
I realize you’ve never had to wrestle with those concepts, and maybe it’s given you a skewed perception of your children.
I know my Keylime isn’t the friendliest.
I realize he has very concrete ideas of “NOW”.
I realize he has trouble understanding other people.
I know he thinks people can read his mind.
And yes, I KNOW he has trouble with spelling.
But when I’m holding him while he cries because he feels excluded by your “angel” because he started a club inviting every other kid to join EXCEPT Keylime, I know that the one concept I’m trying so hard to teach my son-EMPATHY-is completely lost on yours.



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