A Little Help for our Friends

I was 15 years old, and a Freshman in High School when Hurricane Hugo covered the state of South Carolina.
In the aftermath, if it weren’t for FEMA I don’t know what we would’ve done.
FEMA has helped whenever there was an emergency in this country.
Hurricanes (despite how long it took for Bush to send FEMA after Katrina), Earthquakes, Tornadoes, the Nor’easter that laid waste to New Jersey…FEMA was there.
NOW, we have a situation in Detroit that even the United Nations has called out as deplorable.
We have a city trying to privatize the water company and they’re shutting off anyone whose bill is past due.
This means no water…NONE, for 40% of Detroit.
That means their most vulnerable: the poor, the elderly, little children…NO WATER.
On the 14th I went to Whitehouse.gov to see if anyone had started a petition to send aid to Detroit…NOPE
So I wrote one up. It requires 150 signatures before it’s even posted on the whitehouse.gov website for others to sign.
I figured I have so many activist friends it wouldn’t be a problem and we’d be at 100,000 long before Aug 13th.
…Three days later we’re up to 16 signatures.
People are standing for hours holding signs outside SeaWorld but can’t sign their name so little kids in Detroit can have water?
At least the Orcas have water.
There are angry, pissed off people blocking buses filled with refugee children bitching that American children need help…
Okay, here’s a petition to help American children.
Or are you happier to bitch about the problem but not actually DO anything to help?
Maybe some people prefer to sit in a committee talking about social justice…it’s cleaner and less sweaty…and sometimes lunch is provided.
Or just throw money at an issue and feel like they’ve contributed.
Or maybe they just like to show up when the media’s present so they can say “hey look at me!”
I don’t understand.
Here are American children in need.
Looking to the adults to help.
There are activists in Detroit being arrested for blocking the shut off trucks.
The eyes of the world are upon us and we’re too busy looking at our shoes to notice.
Come on people, sign the petition.
Let the people of Detroit know that they’re not forgotten…(I even misspelled a word, feel free to bitch at me about it!)
Let’s get these people water. These kids will grow up someday, and maybe you’ll come across one.
Maybe they’ll ask you what you were doing while they were without water, when protective services was threatening to take them away from their family because their house had no running water.
At least you’ll be able to say you signed a petition to get FEMA there.




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