Can’t Win ‘Em All…

The way Keylime interprets commercials fascinates me.
Have you seen the “Baby Stuffies” commercial?
I’m guessing their target group is younger kids who want to be cool like high schoolers because it features attractive high school students playing around with the stuffed animals.
(How many of us read Seventeen when we were actually 17? I was around 12)
The first time he saw that commercial he was very upset by it.
“That’s a terrible commercial,” he said. “What about if a nerdy kid sees that and buys one thinking they’ll have lots of friends and be cool? They’ll get picked on. That’s not right.”
Keylime considers himself a nerdy kid- btw, so the fact that he’s able to use how he would feel in that situation and make it about someone else is outstanding.
Also, I’m really proud of the fact that he’s able to see the marketing strategy of the commercial.
…now, if he’d get past the idea that some sneakers will make him run faster/jump higher we’ll be all set.



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