Sappy Mom Stuff

Yesterday we went up to Laguna Beach so Boo could attend a five hour ($15) Life Drawing Workshop at the Laguna College of Art and Design.
It’s a pretty nice school, and after we dropped him off we located the dorms, visited the Pacific Marine Mammal Center and went to the beach.
LCAD is his #2 choice for Art School, and has two Disney Animators on staff in their Animation Department.
I think his chances of getting accepted there are actually pretty good.
I’d never been to the beach at Laguna Beach before, and even on a Saturday it wasn’t too crowded, we were right near the tide pools so we got to explore a little.
Saw lots of crabs, minnows and sea anemones.
Met a 74 year old guy from England who was a local, he was looking for sea glass and coins with a stick (he hates the idea of metal detectors)
Super nice guy, and would you believe it(?) 33 years sober.
I love when random things like that happen.
Like water seeks it’s own element.
Had a pretty awesome day all around.
Keylime did some boogie boarding and got to play with sand crabs.
Moose got to point out some places he’d been as an OC kid, and Boo did some really amazing work.
I love when the profs look at his work thinking he’s 17/18, then you tell them he’s 15 and they’re like “oh, wow!”
I always feel a little like there’s something stuck in my throat on the way back home up the 5.
I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before…
But after this one, I’ve only got two more summers before we’ll be driving home without Boo.
I’m so thrilled and excited for him, and this is what all this work is for…
But at the same time, it gets me a little choked up.
He’s already so “done” with high school, for him it’s just something to get through before life begins…
I admit, I envy him that attitude.
I had it to a small degree, but then got all caught up in the high school drama.
These days it’s so much easier to figure out about college with the help of the internet.
When I was in high school with neither parent having gone to college and no motivation outside of “you’re going to college”, it was easier to see “college” almost as a foreign entity.
As “FOUR MORE YEARS???? Blech!”
To a degree I envy the kids growing up today…
a little motivation and the internet…the world is your oyster.



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