Wise Fool

He can’t tell a joke to save his life…I’ve been known to say “stop sweetheart, Keylime’s the funny one.”
But I gotta say, I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing kid.
As a toddler, he never got into too much trouble because some things just never occurred to him to do.
My happiest pregnancy was with Boo, I got nauseous a couple times, but never threw up.
Got gnarly headaches and was fired from my job when I was 5 months along, but it ended up working out.
My job would’ve just paid for daycare anyways, so I got to be a stay-at-home-mom.
He’s dealt with being bullied, being the only non ADHD/ADD (I wondered from time to time…but he eventually calmed down) kid among several friends, dealing with Moose’s relapse from ages 6-10, having his parents almost split up, having a psycho grandma who tried to have him taken away, dealing with an emotionally abused cousin who stayed with us in the midst of Moose’s relapse, being accepted and then rejected by his sister, and gaining an Aspy Brother.
He had a couple emo years around 12-13, but in the end he communicated his problems and we were able to work through them.
He’s about to end his sophomore year of high school.
I had a teacher who would always go on and on about how “sophomore means wise fool”.
But I don’t see any of that in Boo.
He’s typical in that he likes to sleep, he lags on his work occasionally, there’s occasional bouts of low self-esteem, he’ll mouth off and/or antagonize his brother, and he cusses like anything.
But there’s a drive to him, a self-awareness that I wish I had at 15.
Having seen Moose’s relapse there’s no romance to drugs and alcohol for him.
He sees the kids that he remembers from kindergarten drinking and doing drugs and it breaks his heart.
He’s got talent for miles but isn’t conceited about it.
If anything, he needs to be reminded that in his Community College Art classes that he’s 15 years old keeping up with people between the ages of 18-35.
He writes amazing short stories and drawings to go with them.
Any drawing task I set to him he accomplishes.
He takes seriously the advice he’s received from Pixar and Disney Animators that he’s been lucky enough to meet, and the advice from his professors at the CC.
He takes his DeMolay responsibilities seriously, and even though public speaking is his hard for him, he does it to the very best of his ability.
He understands that we don’t always have the money for him to do things or get the latest “what’s it”, and his tastes stay pretty realistic.
I think it helps that he goes to such a small charter school, but he’s said on more than one occasion that “high school is just something to get through”.
He likes the girls much better at the CC but won’t ask any of them out because he’s 15, and the one he particularly likes is 19.
He thinks he’s too young for her.
He’s looking forward to college.
The other day I was going through grad requirements/his schedule for the next two years.
He’s going to be doing everything but art classes here at home, and he’s going to be taking 2 art classes each semester…and that’s just to have the portfolio he needs to get into the school he wants.
I showed it to Moose, and Moose’s face fell.
It hit him that we’ve only got two more years with this brilliant kid before he goes off to college.
He’ll turn 18 right before he starts his Freshman year, and then he’s out of the house.
We’re excited for him, terrified for him, and absolutely amazed by him.
When he was born I considered him my second chance.
I got to be the mom to him that I wanted to be to E.


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