8 of Wands

I haven’t picked up my tarot cards for awhile, I’ve been favoring a beautiful pack of Animal Spirit Guide ones (by Steven D. Farmer) supplemented with Runes lately.
But I gotta say, there’s no other way to describe the past several weeks for me other than the 8 of Wands.
There’s been a rushing, a moving forward, a no longer willing to accept the current situation, a shaking off the constraints, a gotta MOVE feeling lately…all good things mind you.
Family’s intact, it’s actually a mutual feeling among us.
It’s a super large dose of HOPE, of Possibility, and the mediocre is no longer wanted nor accepted.
On a small scale I’ll use Boo as an example.
In order to be an animator, in order to get accepted at any of the colleges he wants, he has to have Life Drawing in his portfolio.
Because he’s at a charter school he has the opportunity to take classes at our local Community College-which, coincidentally enough closes it’s art program during the summer.
Last semester he had to take a prerequisite class for Life Drawing which ended up being an awesome experience for him and he had a really brilliant Professor.
This (Spring) semester he signed up for Life Drawing and was put on the wait list, he was #4.
(He got into another art class, but after we paid the fees, we found out it wasn’t a drawing class and he dropped it. Got on the LD wait list and in the event he became officially “enrolled” the fees would transfer)
Now mind you, EVERYTHING moving forward depends on his taking Life Drawing, so being wait-listed was no small source of anxiety.
Last night I went online to check what was going on, not really expecting anything…
And under Spring Semester Life Drawing it showed ENROLLED!
Fees had transferred, no longer wait-listed, ENROLLED!
Happy, Happy, Happy Dancing all over the place!
It’s that kind of positive momentum that breathes life into a person and allows them to see the possibilities before them.
Moose and I have begun to allow ourselves to dream about what we want out of life again.
It’s been five years since we lost our home, very, very dark times for our marriage and our family.
But slowly, we’ve been able to crawl out of the hole.
Bit by bit, little by little, we’ve repaired our relationship and our family.
With Keylime’s Aspergers diagnosis things started making sense and we’ve been able to change things so that they work for him as well as the rest of us.
The longer Moose has stayed clean and sober the more family-centered his decision making has become, and he’s really understood how choices he makes affects more than just him.
I hesitate when he uses the term “therapeutic relapse”, because Keylime, Boo and I really could have done without it…
But he did grow and change from it, in ways I never thought possible.
I’ve been able to fall in love with my husband again, and even more important than that, LIKE my husband.
And truly, that’s a gift.
I don’t know what the New Year is going to bring, but I want to greet it with open arms and an open heart.
This time it’s more than a “please, please let this year be better than last year”, it’s a “let’s go, let’s keep moving forward!”
I’m ready, I’m willing, and I hope the rest of yal are too!
Happy New Year!




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