Simply Musing

I was talking to a mom-friend today and she said something that I’ve felt (known-and even voiced out loud a couple times), “If I dropped dead they’d all be screwed.”
(To be honest I always used the word “fucked”…)
And it’s true.
Honestly, I don’t know any mom who does the “Mom Job” with any expectations of gratitude or glory. Most of us I think would just like to turn out adults who don’t end up in the newspapers with people blaming his/her mother.  Really, truly, I think a good part of what goes through my head is “what are the possible repercussions of this action/event/mental breakdown…”
Nonetheless, sometimes the nurturer needs to see that their efforts haven’t been wasted, that in the unlikely event that something should happen to them, that dinner would still get made. Laundry would still get done, homework would be completed, the animals’ water bowl would be filled, dirty dishes would make it to the sink…
Woe unto the mother who gets the flu.
Most times, even after she’s feeling better, a mother would do well to fake it a few more days-at least until the family runs out of clean underwear and is forced to do laundry if nothing else.
It really is disheartening, so I make a point to not allow myself to get sick until summer when nothing is necessary.
And I mean that most sincerely.
It’s not worth the aftermath to get sick-for me at least.
I will scarf wasabi peas until my mouth is on fire, drink honey-lemon-cinnamon-cayenne until I can’t feel my tongue in order to not have to deal with the laundry after I’ve been sick a few days.
And let’s face it, you almost have to be on death’s door to not still be the one that has to referee fights, find shoes, help locate a belt…
When you break it down, a mom’s job can almost essentially be called a “Glorified Security Blanket”…



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