Pro Choice

About nine months ago I stopped eating mammals of the four legged variety. I did it without any announcements, or vows, very quietly I came to a decision for myself and left it at that.
I still eat poultry and fish…at some point I’m planning to give up the poultry, not sure yet about the fish.
The only people really affected by my decision are Moose and the boys because if I don’t eat it I don’t buy it (same for onions and green bell peppers) and therefore don’t cook it.
I don’t stop them from their choices, Moose can buy and eat steak if he wants to cook it, they all eat beef or pork of some kind when we go out.
Thing is, I don’t make faces or lecture them as to why they shouldn’t. I don’t guilt them for their choices and I refuse to impose my choices on them.
They know why I stopped, they support my decision, but they don’t share it.
That’s fine.
…and I’m not gonna lie, occasionally I really want a corned beef reuben slathered in dressing, sauerkraut and cheese or a lamb gyro…
The thing is, people need to come to their own decisions.
And they will through their own life experiences and interactions.
If someone asks me about my decision I’ll tell them why and leave it at that.
If I plant a seed, cool.
If not…well, that’s fine too. We aren’t walking the same path and we have different life purposes.
I’m a firm believer in choice.
I don’t walk in your shoes, I can’t make your decisions for you.
If you want my opinion I’ll give it to you, but that’s exactly what it is…my opinion.
I don’t pay your bills, I’m not the one who has to live with your decisions.
You do.
To thine own self be true, if it offends your soul, don’t do it.



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