In search of

Every now and then I see the photo posts on FB “I was born on such-n-such date, in blah blah town. Looking for my birth mother. Please help.”
Or “I gave birth to a boy/girl on such-n-such date in blah blah town, looking for child. Please help.”
Most recently, here in SoCal there was a case of a boy who had been abducted by his father and taken to Mexico. Just recently, (30+ years later) was reunited with his mother.
It makes me wonder about E.
I always made sure that my address was printed clearly on the envelope of every birthday card, Christmas gift, and then included again along with my phone number on the inside.
She never had to wonder where I was.
But I never heard from her until one drunken phone call over a year ago.
I could tell she didn’t get/didn’t read quite a few of my letters, because all her questions had been answered in my letters.
I wonder if any of the people on FB find their child/birth parent.
I wonder if it fills a missing piece within them, if they’re happy.
Or if the person they discover is no one they would ever want to associate with.
I know of a few instances particularly in the case of the birth father-that he wants nothing to do with the child.
Sometimes they didn’t even know the mother was pregnant.
Sometimes they knew and didn’t care.
Sometimes they have money and a reputation to “protect”.
I imagine, I sincerely hope, that no matter what the outcome, that the person looking at least finds the answers they’re looking for.
The boy who was abducted was told that his mother abandoned him for America.
E was told I abandoned her for California.
I promised her that I wouldn’t bother her any further.
Boo and Keylime want to send her a Christmas Card with their school pictures in it.
I told them that was fine…
They’re going into this knowing full well that they won’t get a response.
They’ve never gotten a response from her…
and personally I find that incredibly rude, that kind of behavior would never fly in this house.
Which almost makes me wonder if she’s anyone I would want to associate with.



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