So given all the hullabaloo from my daughter’s last message, I felt it was time to finally write my father the letter that’s been festering for years.
I understand why people cut other people out of photos even if I don’t do it…happy memories can be particularly painful in the face of tremendous betrayal.
Nonetheless, I said my peace.
He can read it, rip it up, make copies of it and spread it around the family, use it to make my daughter hate me more than she already does.
Here’s the thing…
Nothing I said was a lie.
Everything I said was the truth. Not my “version” of the truth, but the actual, paper-proof truth.
And once I put it in the mailbox I dropped the rock.
I feel about a million pounds lighter.
I don’t feel mired in the whys and wherefors…
Life is good.



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