Counting eggs, Not chickens

On Tuesday Boo starts his art class at the Community College, we’re very excited for him, but it signals the end of summer.
Technically, their Learning Center classes don’t start until the 9th of September, but we get their books on Tuesday when we meet with our Education Facilitator after his art class, and then it’s time to start learning. I love the smell of new school books, and I love the excitement of the new school year.
Time to get back on schedule.
I’ve started writing something that I’m pretty excited about. It started after watching a movie that ended with questions I wanted to answer. Then I decided I wanted answers to how everything came about in the first place.
At first I thought it was only going to be a fanfiction, but then I started wondering if I stripped it down to just the bare bones-which is a generic theme in the first place and went with it, perhaps it might be an interesting enough short story. Then I remembered that I have a notebook full of short story starts that were good enough ideas that maybe if I grouped them together something interesting could come of it…
This is gonna take awhile and Moose is all “write something that’ll make us rich”…
Blargh…I don’t wanna be rich.
Honest to gawd, I’d like to have “enough”, but “rich” comes with too many side effects.
Moose is a product of Orange County…his mother’s family was very wealthy at one time, but they squandered it.
I grew up poor.
To me, being able to pay my bills, afford clothes and shoes when needed and buy groceries all at the same time is pretty impressive.
I’ve been writing stories since I was 8 years old.
I’ve stopped and started so many times…but I think this time it’s different.
I’m not in a hurry, I know and accept that it’ll be awhile.
And I’m taking pressure off myself by aiming to write a short story instead of a novel.
I have still from a deleted scene of the movie saved to my phone that shows me where I want to end.
I’m still formulating how to get there and once I write it all out then I have to type it all up.
There’s one section I’m really, really proud of.
And I already have a title.
I’ve had the title for almost 20 years, and every now and again I google it to make sure it’s not out there anywhere.
So far so good.


One thought on “Counting eggs, Not chickens

  1. I know it will be a grreat book whenever you decide to finish and I want a signed autograph 1st copy of it!! I’m so proud of you! Always have been, always will. ❤


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