Here we go…AGAIN

Yesterday was far from a banner day for Keylime.
We were running late yesterday morning, so instead of the typical 15-20 minutes of morning playtime, he was looking at about 8.
Nonetheless, time enough for one of the kids who he’s been having issues with to give him shit.
He was looking for his friend I, when this kid J (whose in his class) started chasing him. Keylime told J to stop, but J wouldn’t. Keylime kicked J in the leg and J tackled him to the ground and scratched his neck.
I got a call from the Principal telling me Keylime and J would be having lunch in the office.
Note to self: explain to Keylime why “telling the playground person must become second nature”.
Around noon I got another phone call from the office.
While lining up for lunch J got in Keylime’s face sing-songing “liar, liar, pants on fire!”
So Keylime kicked him in the leg again.
Now I don’t know what part of “due to his Asperger’s Keylime has impulse issues” that was made clear during the IEP meeting (that these folks decided my boy didn’t need an IEP) was missed…and we are working on it, but nonetheless.
How much shit is my kid supposed to take?
How much shit is the other kid allowed to get away with?
So when the principal called me again she asked me to come pick up Keylime for the day.
Poor kid was scared to death he was in trouble.
The school psychologist was walking in as we were walking out, and I let him know how UNpleased I am with all of this.
He went in the office, put his stuff down and walked Keylime and I to the car so he could hear about what happened.
Luckily, he likes Keylime. Thinks he’s a really neat and funny kid-which he is.
I brought up a 504 plan-which was never even brought up or offered to me by my IEP “team”…
He said he’s going to speak to his boss, the Special Ed Head, and get back to me by Thursday.
In the meantime, I was going to keep Keylime in pubic school until 3rd grade so he could get the “help and services” he needs, but since he won’t be getting any, once this year’s finished he’s going back to Charter school…and at this moment I’m even questioning allowing that.
I’m going to go by there on Thursday and have a look-see, meet the teacher, check out the kids. I am excited that the two/three day program is going to drop it’s attempt at Montessorri, and go back to regular school.
Part of me doesn’t want to send him to school today.
I’m terrified for him, I don’t want to leave him there any longer than I have to.
This whole thing is so crazy, and I’m left knowing that my decision will have lasting affects on my child’s life.
When we’re talking about my son’s future there is no way to “relax and take it easy”.



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