So today I had Keylime’s IEP meeting, and he doesn’t qualify for services because his testing was average-above average.
They’re going to keep a chart on him for each of his teachers to read and prep for him,because he does have very specific needs but other than that there’s really nothing they can help him with.
One of the funnier moments came when the Speech Therapist was telling me about a word grouping test she gave him.
She asked him to name three body parts…he chose “pancreas, ball sack, and spleen”.
After reiterating to him today that we don’t go around talking about “ballsacks”, I asked him why he picked pancreas and spleen, why not arm or leg?
He said that when he hears “body part” he thinks of the innards. Pancreas and spleen were the only two he could think of at the moment.
He was specific on ballsack because it hold the balls…
Yes, never a dull moment.



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