When you KNOW that your child is emotionally fragile, isn’t it YOUR responsibility as a parent to watch YOUR actions and YOUR words?
Isn’t it YOUR responsibility to consider your child before you go on a rampage in a facebook war of words and create a tense home environment where everyone there suffers?
Isn’t it YOUR responsibility as an adult to learn to control your damn self?
Your child is not my first consideration when you are being obnoxious to me or anyone else on my facebook page.
If you act like an ass on my facebook I will respond, and I will not be polite about it…
Why did YOUR emotionally fragile child message ME asking ME to stop the “pissing contest” with you so that there would be peace in YOUR home?
Why after getting that message did I worry all night about YOUR emotionally fragile child, when YOU created that hostile environment?
When did YOUR behavior and YOUR responses become MY responsibility?
Why should YOU get to act like a giant douchebag to whomever you want and everyone else is expected to tip-toe around you because you’re creating an incredibly tense environment for those who have to live with you?
One more question…why is it ALWAYS you get your most obnoxious when arguing with those you call “strong, warrior women” and claim to admire so much…and yet I’ve never seen you pull such douche baggery behavior on Moose’s fb?
There will be NO “public apology” from me like you demanded.
Indeed, there was a public FUCK YOU until YOUR emotionally fragile child contacted me.
Then I just blocked you because I refuse to make YOUR emotional well-being MY responsibility.


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