Wee bit serious tonight because Keylime is confusing the shit out of me, and we don’t see his therapist for another two weeks.
I’ve been googling Aspergers and Self-Harm trying to figure out wtf, but I’m not getting much related to what’s going on.
Today, while feeling a little playful, Keylime bit Moose while hugging him goodbye. It hurt a little, but instead of getting angry, Moose explained why that was a bad thing to do.
Keylime ran into the bathroom and bit himself 3 times on the arm as “payback” or “punishment”.
He tends to do these things when we react calmly to bad behavior. Like a NEED to be punished.
He’s smacked himself in the face, spanked himself-with hand and with a belt, today he bit himself…
It’s like if we don’t yell he doesn’t feel properly punished.
But we’re trying not to, because it really doesn’t accomplish anything…
Anyone have any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Self-harm

  1. My son also has this behavior. I don’t fully understand it either. It actually just happened about 20 minutes ago. He told me to punch him in the stomach. Every time I refused, he just punched himself. We have on our home rules “we must be safe – no choking no hitting etc etc ” That actually reduced a lot him choking himself, however, he just finds other ways of hurting himself. We are still waiting for his aba services to begin!

  2. I would call his therapist and tell him/her that he needs to be seen ASAP or find someone you can talk to while waiting. This is very serious and I would make it very clear!


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