Falling through the cracks

Keylime has been having some “issues” at school.
He and his best buddy A (the boy whose mom died before Thanksgiving) are no longer friends…to the point where A was kicking and pushing Keylime at recess, calling him stupid and telling Keylime that he hates him.The first time it happened he told the teacher who helps him with reading. Mrs.G went to A’s class, pulled him out, and gave him a talking to.
The next day, it continued. Keylime told the guard duty, and she told A to stop.
It continued the next day and a guard duty spotted it before Keylime could get away. She told A to stop, and it hasn’t happened since. (that was 3 days ago)
A was never punished, never missed recess, nothing.
Because nobody told the principal. The guard duty is supposed to tell the principal everything that happens, and the ones who helped Keylime failed to do so.
Yesterday at recess, Keylime got pushed down by a boy in his class who doesn’t like him onto the concrete and hit his head. He started crying.
The guard duty he told wouldn’t listen to him, and when he told his teacher the other boy denied it.
Then, before school let out, some second graders (about 8) were let out of their class early with no supervision.
A bunch of parents were standing ont he other side of the fence from them, and ignoring the lord of the flies that was taking place.
A girl was being pulled along the ground by the hood of her jacket by another girl, a couple boys were banging into eachother with their backpacks, 3 others were throwing eachother down (like a “hip throw”) onto their backs, slamming eachother into the fence…
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt…that’s when the fists come out (and they did).
One dad tried to tell them to stop but they ignored him.
When the teacher in charge of the gate came out I told her what was going on and she tried to get it to stop too, but she was a substitute, and kids never listen to subs.
Seeing all this, and then having Keylime tell me what happened at recess, and seeing that same child hurt another boy on the way out of school (his mother grabbed him and made him apologize to the boy)…was waaaaaay to much for me.
My little one is screaming that he hates his school and is begging me to take him out of there-but we’re in the middle of testing to find out what he needs on an IEP, and I’m completely disgusted with what I just saw…moreso the lack of anyone speaking up. (Should it happen again I’m going to record it on my iphone)
The principal was in a meeting but she called me yesterday afternoon, and I told her everything.
She was particularly troubled aobut the disconnect and why she wasn’t told about anything that had happened to Keylime.
I asked her if from now on he can just go to the office and tell her or the secretary and she said that would be fine.
She was going to speak with him and the boy who hurt him today, but he woke up with a fever so I kept him home.
If it weren’t for the amazing staff at that school I would pull him out.
Even his therapist is concerned about the level of violence he’s having to deal with simply because someone doesn’t like him.
I’m trying to hold off transferring him back to the charter school Boo goes to until after 2nd grade (the Primary kids move on to 3rd grade at the Elementary school), so he has a chance to get the resources like speech that he needs.
There are quite a few of the kids at his Primary who are very, very angry.
There is a culture at his school that says “boys will be boys”…
ie: “beating the shit out of eachother is how you become a man”…
I don’t agree with that.



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