National Portfolio Day

It was yesterday…
The thing we’ve been anticipating since last Spring, finally arrived.
National Portfolio Day.
It’s basically a college fair for Art Schools where hopeful art students can come to get their portfolios evaluated.
There was one in October in Laguna Beach, but we just weren’t ready for that one, so yesterday we hopped in the car and drove to Pasadena.
We got there at around 11:45 and it started at noon (ended at 4pm).
We didn’t know what to expect, so Boo and I were nervous and slightly nauseous.
Realistically we KNEW that no one was going to jump at his work and offer him a full scholarship because he’s just so damn talented…
We knew this. But it didn’t stop us from having that crazy thought.
He’s a high school freshman, and though talented, he has a ways to go yet.
That was the purpose of us going, to get critiqued.
To find out what the schools wanted, hear from them what was good, what needs work, and what they’d like to see out of him.
We knew there were two schools we wanted to talk to, CalArts-his first choice, and Ringling-his second.
It was a good thing we had a plan, because those were the only schools we had time to talk to.
about an hour in the line for CalArts(a huge line with a ton of people), an hour and a half in the line for Ringling(with FOUR people ahead of us).
He got some great feedback on his work and some excellent suggestions on what he can do to have a polished, more focused portfolio for next time.
(The gal from Ringling is supposed to email me some book suggestions for him too.)
This time we brought a variety of his work, including his clay characters to show.
Next time we’ll bring a more life drawing/animation focused portfolio.
He came away from it feeling really good about his direction and more determined about his choices.
After we left, we had promised Keylime we’d have dinner in Hollywood. On the way there from Pasadena we drove by Disney Animation Studios…
I think it sealed the dream.
Now to get all the paperwork together for CSSSA.



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