Focus My Little Crocus…

On New Year’s Eve I grounded Boo for a month.
He has been struggling with Algebra…why?
Because he’s not keeping up with his work to the tune of 22 days.
I rounded up and made it an even 30.
No phone, texting, internet, tv, movies…nothing for 30 days.
And honestly? I think it’s been a good thing.
Boo is the kind of kid who knows when he fucks up, he might deny, but when presented with evidence he admits wrong doing.
When spoken to with logic and understanding, he puts on his big boy pants and sucks it up.
Portfolio Day is in Pasadena on the 20th, and when he’s not doing schoolwork, he’s working on his art…and some of it is really stunning.
He’s also applying to go to the California State Summer School for the Arts, an intense four week on campus summer camp where if accepted he’s going to study animation.
One of his Christmas gifts was a drawing/animation computer program, and another was a book called The Animator’s Survival Kit.
Both have been very helpful and will prove to be moreso I think.
He was working on the animation program last night, and did two that were pretty impressive for his first time.
As part of the application they can either submit a flash drive with some animation on it or a flipbook. He chose flashdrive, but I’m going to have him make a flipbook anyways because one of the projects at camp is a zoetrope, and I want him to be familiar with the hand-drawing process.
I gotta be honest…this is one of those times that I wish I’d had me as a parent.



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