Noah’s Ark…minus Noah. And the ark.

It’s been cold here lately…I know, I know.
I live in Southern California. It hits 60 I put on a sweater…
But really, nights have been down into the 30’s, and we believe that’s what brought on the death of my Transylvanian Naked Neck hen, Tisza.
Even with the winter precautions, she still got too cold.
I ended up bringing her newest baby, Parsnip in, and then her first born Sunny joined his sister today in a cage in the boy’s room.
The rabbit Foo Foo moved in at the beginning of the month, and when I let them out earlier, my newest goose, Buddy (who we believe is a female) was acting like she was cold too. She’s now living downstairs in the dog crate because I don’t have anything else big enough to put her in.
All the excitement and added animals has caused Keylime to fall back into his “I’m part dog” thing.
He’s named his dog persona “Eye”, like the eye of a hurricane…(don’t ask, I don’t know) and will answer only to it when he’s in dog-mode.
If he really needs to tell me something he’s developed a dog-talk, but otherwise he’s all dog.
It’s funny, because when he was a toddler he would eat the dog food. It was good stuff, AvoDerm, made from avocados.
We couldn’t get him to stop, even if we kept the bowl put up and only put it down to feed them, he’d get some too.
At one point we just kinda shrugged…eventually he stopped, but now the whole “I’m part dog” thing makes me wonder… đŸ™‚
In other news, a Keylime Says…
One of his earliest obsessions was tornadoes.
Every book, every movie, every THING that had anything to do with tornadoes and this child was into it.
I was beginning to wonder if he was still into them when today he asked to watch the movie, Twister.
He explained that the “tornado battery” inside his brain was draining, and that he needed to fill it back up with tornado stuff, otherwise the tornado battery would be out and he would stop liking tornadoes. He said he didn’t want to stop liking tornadoes so he needed to watch Twister…
How d’ya argue with that?



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