Dancing King

Keylime is off to his first “real” dance…
Boo’s DeMolay group is having a dance, and because Keylime had a good week, Moose said he could go too. (Moose will be chaperoning).
For the past few days and all day today he was practicing dance moves.
“How’s this?”
“Can I do this?”
“Is this okay?”
“Do you think they’ll play ‘Gangnam Style’?”
“Check out this move, I call it the Double Spin Jumping Loop!”
I told him he could dance however he wanted as long as he didn’t grab himself, because that’s gross.
But by far the most hysterical thing was today, after his shower, he came downstairs holding 3 pairs of underwear.
“Which pair should I wear? Which one’s the manliest?”
He nixed my choice of the white ones with Perry the Platypus in favor of a plain blue boxer brief…
He’s very excited to ask a girl to dance. When we tried to explain that girls don’t always say yes, and he shouldn’t get his feelings hurt, he didn’t want to hear it.He said he’s prepared for a girl to turn him down, it’s no big deal.
Have I mentioned he’s seven?


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