And so this is Christmas…

Just put Keylime to bed, he got to stay up a half hour extra…
And so this is Christmas.
Yesterday we had a holiday party and it was awesome. We had food representing a lot of the December Holidays, and I printed out information on each and hung it up so anyone who was interested could read up on them.
One of Keylime’s little buddies and his parents came over, and some of Boo’s friends as well.
We have friends from all over the political spectrum and I’m happy to say that it was peaceful.
It’s weird to not have anyone believing in Santa this year, but I’m still making them wait until tomorrow morning for presents.
(I don’t want to throw all traditions to the wayside)
I wished my firstborn a Merry Christmas this morning but haven’t heard anything back, I don’t know if I will.
I hope she likes her Christmas present…
I hope she opens her Christmas present…
I’m sure she’ll like it.
Once again my father forgot about the boys.
For all the talk his wife made about how she’s tired of our family “not getting along”, and the need for “reunification”…
There’s not a whole lot of follow through.
A card for the boys would’ve been nice, but such is life.
And then I remember…
On this night 18 years ago I was drunk in Tijuana with no one giving a shit if I lived or died.
And more than a few who would’ve preferred I was dead.
This year I had a house full of people, and I have a house full of people who depend on me and love me.
Whatever else I get on top of that is cake.
Happy Holidays all.



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