Photo Album

When Boo was in first grade, I got a note sent home that stated that in the event of a lockdown the school requested that every family send a photograph or something special for the child to hold onto.
Reading that made my stomach hurt because it killed the happy idea that “school is a safe place” for me.
I overdid it and filled a small photo album with pictures of happy times, our pets, protective runes and herbs.
I volunteered pretty regularly and happened to walk on campus when they had a lockdown drill.
A little girl in Boo’s class was late getting back and was locked out.
The teacher couldn’t (wouldn’t) open the door for her. The teacher in the next classroom did.
I sat down and waited for it to be over, and contemplated what could’ve happened to that little girl if it had been for real, if none of the doors opened for her.
If there was a bad person on campus.
I thought about that little photo album today as I read, saw, and heard about what happened in Connecticut.
I thought about Keylime-who was at home sick today- and thought about how his school is set up.
Because Keylime was home I got most of my information online or on my phone. I saw the President’s speech via facebook.
When I did watch one news program, I sent him to watch a movie on the computer.
I wondered about his teacher’s relationships with her grown children, who among the staff at his school might have a whackadoodle in their life…
How many of them have guns in their homes.
It’s not enough for me to grieve those lost today.
We must not allow their deaths to have been in vain.
Things have GOT to change.



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