Once upon a time there was a guy from a recovery home who met my husband and I at a meeting, and asked my husband to be his sponsor.
His name was Sterling.
Sterling had the kindest, most loving heart…and funny, oh my god he was funny.
He worked hard at his steps and Moose (my husband) and I were really excited because unlike some of the others from his recovery home he seemed to “get” it.
Moose gave him a 90 day token at our meeting, and when it was Sterling’s turn to speak he said “Moose told me I had to wear a suit to take my token, and I told him ‘Moose, I don’t own a suit, I’m a Drag Queen’.”
He brought the house down, and I’m proud of that meeting, because knowing that didn’t change anyone’s opinion of Sterling.
Everyone loved him.
The holidays were fast approaching and I invited Sterling to spend Christmas with us. We always had friends over who didn’t have anywhere to go, and I knew Sterling was from a small town where his beauty wasn’t necessarily appreciated.
He declined, and said he wanted to spend Christmas with his mom.
We hugged him, wished him well, and told him we’d see him after the holiday.
We never saw Sterling again.
We later found out that after Christmas he made his way back to San Diego where he died in a doorway downtown of a heroin overdose.
This was eleven, twelve years ago…
But he’s one of the ones who left an impression on my heart.
I miss him, and I hope his next life is happier.



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