Keylime, Keylime, Keylime…

Keylime and I were driving to school yesterday and discussing the difference between fairies and angels (he was looking at the Hallmark ornament catalog). He asked me if angels were real, and I told him that I believe in them, that they’re invisible helpers. That they help us with anything we need.
So he says “Dear angel, would you please get all the boogers out of my nose?”
When nothing happened I explained that angels don’t necessarily do stuff like that, and he was all “but you said anything.”
“…maybe boogers are a bit necessary.” I told him…
Yes that’s an actual conversation.
Then yesterday afternoon at Boo’s school, waiting for him to get out of class, Keylime wanted to get a snack from the snack machine. I didn’t have any cash on hand, so he stood in the hallway with a little box and mimed (yes, he mimed…dunno where he got the idea from) hoping someone would give him money and he’d get fifty cents.
It made the librarian laugh and she gave him fifty cents.  He was so excited!
I have noticed though, with the holidays on the way a bit more of a crabby attitude from him, a little more tantrumy.
I think though that it might have a lot to do with the fact that he hasn’t seen his friend in almost 3 weeks (the little boy’s mom died the week before school let out for Thanksgiving, and he hasn’t been back), so he’s been forced to step out of his comfort zone and find other kids to play with, plus the idea that a kid his age could have a mom die scared him. We meet with his therapist next week,a nd I think we’ll dive a little more into that…it hadn’t really occurred to me that that might be part of the problem until he mentioned it yesterday.
I was 16 when my mom died…I can’t even imagine what it would’ve been like at 7.



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