The Future of My History

So Keylime was assessed for speech, and today we had our meeting with the Pathologist, his teacher, and I to get things started.
We discussed his early life and development, his strengths and weaknesses, etc.
We’d gotten started last year and then it all fizzled out…I didn’t realize that I should have kept pushing.
Now I have a date as to when I should be getting all the results of his assessments and then we’ll meet again to figure out his IEP.
OMG…so relieved!
The first grade put on a “What I’m Thankful For” musical show this morning for the parents, it was really sweet. They sang a song about “When I see You, I See Me”. Some of the lyrics were “I know it in my soul, you loved me from the start”, and “I am the future of your history”…
Isn’t that beautiful?
I wish every parent would look at their child and realize that.
They did such a great job. His teacher has suggested that maybe he could join a youth theater or choir. She was really impressed by how well he did.
We’ve considered it from time to time, and I think that maybe now that his tantrums are much more under control that it might be possible.



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