I got this little duckling last spring…beigish color, greenish eyes…I named him Clarence. (You can’t sex ducklings so you don’t know if they’re boy or girl until they start quacking)
Turns out Clarence was the right name for him. He was a little boy.
Unlike the other ducklings I got though, Clarence was slow to lose his down and grow feathers, he was also the last to leave the heat lamp. While the other ducklings were enjoying the pond he was nearly drowning. I had to save him countless times, bring him in the house, warm him up…I started calling him “Clarence the Featherless Duckling”.
He and his buddies had been joining the rest of my flock running around outside for months, but he was finally able to enter the coop a week and a half ago. No problems, everybody was getting along.
This morning I went out there and he had died. He was such a sweet little guy.
RIP my Sweet Clarence
(photo of Clarence and Oswald the turkey chick hanging near the heat lamp early summer)


2 thoughts on “Clarence

  1. I’m sorry sweetie. I know how important your animals are to you. It’s hard when we form attachments to our pets, but then they give us so much love,it’s hard not to. I know you’ll be alright. I love you
    Aunt D


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