IEPs, Buddies, and Absences…Oh my!

We got our diagnosis a year ago January right after we left our Charter School and began attending a public school.
I had experience as a public school parent, Boo had attended one until a bully attacked him in the bathroom (1st grade) and by 3rd grade nothing had changed.
Up til that point, Keylime had only ever been with the Charter, and under the public school-and a great teacher, he blossomed academically.
Socially he was in a much larger classroom, with a lot more kids (26 in the class, 600+ on the campus) and as the slower new kid with speech issues…
Well I’m sure you can guess.
I held off getting an IEP because I was still trying to decide if he really needed one. I brought it up a couple times, and his teacher-as much as I liked her-almost encouraged me that one wasn’t necessary.
Part of me wanted to get one, not so much for him now, as for him in the future…in the event he has another shitty teacher. Plus, I can’t exactly get a straight answer as to HOW I request an IEP.
I’ve been requesting speech since the beginning of the year, not in writing-verbally to the principal, I guess he was finally assessed-I didn’t know this until I had a conference with his teacher last week, nobody sent me any notice. When she told me that he’d been assessed for Speech, she also told me that she was keeping him from it because she felt he’d been missing too much school, and needed the class time…
Then she told me that he talked a lot and would go on and on and she really didn’t have time to listen to him…ummmm that’s Asperger’s, welcome to my world.
The icing on the cake came when she told me she didn’t want him playing with his ONLY friend, “A” anymore because there’s another boy who wants to be A’s friend and punches/hits/generally annoys Keylime. Did I mention that A is his ONLY friend? A is a pale boy with freckles, strawberry hair and coke-bottle glasses (he’s easily recognizable which helps Keylime find him on the playground), they bonded over bugs and gopher holes. They are solid.
Frankly she hasn’t given me a good enough reason why they can’t play together, and his psychologist said for him to play with A anyways because otherwise Keylime has no one.
Interestingly enough, I just got off the phone with a friend who works in Special Ed, and she told me to go over the teacher’s head and meet with the principal and the speech teacher because if Keylime’s going to go to speech then he’s going to need an IEP anyways.
Fucking hell…why didn’t they pass out a handbook with the diagnosis????


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