Aspy Logic

This morning Keylime was determined to take a washer to school. Ya know, those little circular metal things that nobody knows what they’re used for?
I asked him what he was doing, and he said that T- a boy whose not been very nice to him- had brought one to school yesterday and a kid had stolen it from him and thrown it over the fence. I asked him why he was going to give it to T, “I thought yal weren’t friends.”
Keylime said “well, maybe if I give this to him, he’ll stop being mean to me and A (Keylime’s friend).”
I hugged him.
It’d be nice if that worked, but I’m a bit too jaded to believe it.
Then, after I dropped him off I got a call from the principal that yesterday Keylime had put another boy in a chokehold and would be spending lunch recess in the office.
I asked her if it was T, and she said no, another kid.
She said that when she asked him why he did it he said he didn’t know…it was just a random thing like he’s been known to do on occasion.
There’s my Captain Aspy.
I’m really glad we have his therapy appointment today, seems there’s a lot to talk about.



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