This  is me with my friend M.
Every Thursday morning an anti-choice group gathers in front of our local Planned Parenthood. They weren’t terribly obnoxious to begin with, and most were Senior Citizens.
M and I decided that the other side of the argument needed to be presented…particularly when I get my healthcare at our local Planned Parenthhood, plus, no abortions are performed there.
Anyway, it’s typically just the two of us while there’s between 6-8 of them. We don’t bother them, we just stand there and smile.
But that doesn’t stop them from coming over when they’re done, spouting rhetoric or just randomly being obnoxious.
There’s one in particular that we call “Grumpy Gus”, pretty regularly he points at M’s Birth Control sign and says “I don’t understand how killing one baby saves another.”
Finally we asked him “How do condoms kill anyone? Or birth control pills? What babies do they kill?”
Planned Parenthood provides both, and then some…
People like them don’t understand that Planned Parenthood provides so much in the way of preventative care that the amount of abortions they do perform are minimal…
(But this is a group who believes that there should be no abortion-EVER.)
He truly thought that by “birth control” we meant “abortion”.
The truth of the matter is that neither of us has had an abortion, however if someone feels that an abortion is the right option for them-medically necessary or not, then it’s not for us to tell them they can’t have one.
Just as my uterus is no one else’s business, theirs is none of mine.
We usually get a lot of support, from people driving by, and a couple times someone has stopped to stand with us for awhile.
People have offered to buy us lunch, brought us water, taken pictures of our signs, shaken our hands, one lady even gave us a thing of store bought cupcakes…
One man came over and told us the story of his 16 year old daughter who was beaten and raped by her boyfriend. He was grateful he was able to get her the morning after pill.
We’ve also had people call us names, flip us off, shout insults, and one man driving by told us that if a man puts his sperm inside us it is our duty to carry that child…I bought pepper spray after that.
Currently there’s still just the two of us, but the protestors numbers have grown. They’ve even added a pregnant woman.
We knew as it got closer to the election things would probably get heated, but we feel our message is just as important as the protestors.
Yesterday, Grumpy Gus was a bit more hostile when he addressed us, showing us his new sign:”Honk if you Love Life”…
He reeeeeeeally doesn’t get it.
Then a lady came up to us in a fairly hostile manner. She had been raped and kept her child. She felt that abortion-in any case was murder.
I let M handle her because I tend to get loud, and M worked as a Social Worker. She’s seen what kind of abuse happens to unwanted children.
I tuned out to the best of my ability because something the woman said made me very uncomfortable…she looked at me and said “well we have laws that say I can’t just walk up and murder you.”
Like I said, M and I have discussed how heated things will probably get, particularly a week or so before the election. We’re not stupid, we realize how vulnerable we are…but we’re not afraid either.
I’m honestly really tired of hearing how “believers are persecuted”…name me five-recent time- instances.
Now think about all the instances when those who don’t necessarily share a hardcore right wing point of view have been harassed, threatened, beaten, and murdered?
There’s a helluva lot more than five.



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