Tornadoes, George Thorogood, Las Vegas, Monster Trucks and Rafting the Grand Canyon

One of the more interesting qualities of Asperger’s Syndrome is the obsessiveness with certain somewhat off the wall subjects.
This has held true when it comes to Keylime, and truth be told, the best thing about it is that it makes buying gifts SUPER easy.
His first obsession was monster trucks. It was all he talked about-constantly. He had books about them, video games, and a backpack-that he still uses. My husband even drove him up to Fresno (of course the obsession started the week AFTER they were in San Diego) to see a show. About the same time he became obsessed with tornadoes. He has checked out every tornado book our local library has on the subject-twice. He has books, a video game-yes, there is indeed a tornado video game, and for Christmas that year he got the movie Twister.
For a time he decided that when he grew up he was going to be a monster truck driving tornado chaser.
At some point he saw a picture of Boo as a little boy during a trip to Las Vegas, and decided that we must be fair and take him to Las Vegas as well. It was all he talked about-we were going to Las Vegas for his birthday “because Las Vegas is where rockers are born!” (He didn’t believe me when I told him that Vegas is actually where rockers go to end their careers.) He loved visiting Legoland’s miniland so that he could stare at the Las Vegas Strip and plan out where we were going to visit.
A trip to Disneyland knocked Vegas off his map and the new addiction became 80’s rocker George Thorogood…no, I’m not kidding.
Amazingly enough, in the midst of the obsession (and Bad to the Bone on constant repeat) George Thorogood and Kenny Wayne Shepard came to San Diego. Guess who was on his daddy’s shoulders right up close? He came away with an autographed CD from George and one of KWS’s guitar picks.
His current obsession is white water rafting, and particularly white water rafting at the Grand Canyon. Everytime we go to a sporting goods or outdoorsy store he grabs as many rafting and/or Grand Canyon pamphlets as he can. He keeps them in a cardboard suitcase that used to hold a practical joke kit from Barnes and Noble. To say he was pissed when he found out that to raft the Grand Canyon you need to be an expert is an understatement…however for now he still wants to go to the there for his birthday, and we’re still checking out white water rafting books from the library.


3 thoughts on “Tornadoes, George Thorogood, Las Vegas, Monster Trucks and Rafting the Grand Canyon

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