Here We Go!

A friend suggested I start a blog because a lot of my facebook entries are about my 7 year old son, “Keylime” who has Aspergers, and some of the wackier things he says/does. Since we got our diagnosis a year ago January I’ve been better able to appreciate his quirks. He’s definitely been a good source of humor in our home.
He’s what many would consider an “out of the box thinker”, though as I’ve replied many times when people say that, “with Keylime there has never, ever been a box.”
This morning he had a secret he HAD to tell me.
It was an absolutely “drop-whatever-you’re doing”, 100% urgent thing he needed to get off his chest.  When I leaned down he whispered “You make the best guacamole I’ve ever had.”
I know that’s not the most ROFLMAO moment, but his wide eyed seriousness had me laughing as I whispered back “thanks, now PLEEEEEEEEEASE go get ready for school.”
In case anyone cares, My Guacamole Recipe:
Avocadoes, Sour Cream, and Thai Chili Sauce mashed up together.


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